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    來源:http://www.jifengmenye.com/ 日期:2022-05-26
    Since the loading mixer, the operation is simple, the discharge is rapid, and the advantage is more obvious!
    Self loading cement mixer is widely used in residential buildings, rural road construction, square construction, workshop... And other special vehicles for hardening construction with narrow pavement. The product has a multi-functional engineering mixer with self feeding, self water supply and self mixing, 270 ° left rotation and right rotation, all terrain and large angle blanking, high-pressure automatic flushing of tank body.
    Advantages of self loading mixer
    1、 The operation is flexible and convenient. The time relay adds water to make the mixing more uniform and more in line with the standard. The operating lever is easy to operate.
    2、 The front double wheel vacuum steel wire tire has greater load-bearing and reduces accidents.
    3、 High pressure car washing gun, clean the vehicle more cleanly! It's convenient and fast. It's very convenient to clean when discharging. Manual cleaning is not required.
    4、 Working every day can save at least 10 Labor and 100 kwh of electricity. There is no need to load concrete trucks and loaders, and work in all terrain.
    5、 The cab console can be rotated, which makes it more convenient to drive in front and back directions. The tilting unloading function of the vehicle makes the unloading cleaner and faster. The tilting unloading design makes the unloading of the vehicle more practical.
    The automatic feeding mixer shall meet the following requirements before use
    1. Check whether each water tank is short of water and add enough water, and whether the tire pressure meets 2.5bar_ Requirements.
    2. Check the engine oil dipstick, hydraulic oil tank dipstick, gearbox oil indicator observation hole, front and rear axles, wheel side reduction shaft head, unscrew the oil level oil plug, check whether the gear oil meets the requirements, add it in time if it is missing, and whether the liquid level of the automatic oil cup of the master cylinder meets the standard requirements.
    3. Observe the engine oil and gear oil, and check the oil dipstick, oil pointer, Gong hole and hydraulic oil tank. The vehicle shall be in a horizontal position.
    4. The joints of oil pipelines and gas pipelines of all parts of the vehicle are loose, and whether there is oil leakage and air leakage. Check whether the circuit of the whole vehicle has poor contact and whether all instruments and lights work normally.
    5. Check whether the brake is effective before driving, and check whether each control valve works well.
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